A Sense of Wirth strives to promote the development of a "sense of worth" in all children, especially those who are deaf and deaf-blind, through education in language and the arts. Through development of multicultural identity and multilingual literacy, A Sense of Wirth's educational programs enable all students to access a higher quality of life.

Tuesday, February 19

Three Weeks Left!

19 February 2008

RE: Logo Contest for A Sense of Wirth

Hello all,

We hope that creative minds have been hard at work to create the winning logo design for A Sense of Wirth! We would like to remind you all that the deadline for submissions of the winning logo is SUNDAY March 9, less than 3 weeks from now. Only one submission per person, please.

We are encouraging people of all ages to participate in this contest, so please, if you know anyone that would be interested in this contest, please pass along information to them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info.asenseofwirth(at)gmail.com if there are any questions about the information in the flier that was posted on this blog.

Thank you, and happy designing!
A Sense of Wirth