A Sense of Wirth strives to promote the development of a "sense of worth" in all children, especially those who are deaf and deaf-blind, through education in language and the arts. Through development of multicultural identity and multilingual literacy, A Sense of Wirth's educational programs enable all students to access a higher quality of life.

Wednesday, February 6


Hello! Welcome to our blog! We are pleased to announce that A Sense of Wirth was officially recognized as a non-profit organization in the United States only last month. While this bureaucratic hurdle was overcome, our work has only just begun. The list of things to do before we can actually start the official work of A Sense of Wirth can be quite daunting, but we are fortunate to have a wonderful team of volunteers (with large hearts!) that have offered their expert advice and experience to guide A Sense of Wirth in the right direction.

This blog will help us start to get the word out about our new organization as well as any announcements, while we are waiting for our new website to be finished!

Happy blogging!